First, have a link to an explanation of my Fortnightly system.

A bit delayed and it doesn’t quite explain the how of using it, but there it is. Hidden away in this random nook, but there it is!



  • Neck/shoulder tension and pain
  • consistently low pomodoro numbers
  • lack of object level information

Something very strange happened this time around. My rescue time percentage measures how much time I spend dicking around on the computer versus doing productive work. For the past week it has been above 40% every day, including Monday-Wednesday. I’m convinced that it was slouching that caused the change.

I have been feeling less drained by sessions of deep thought, and there were multiple spikes of visual acuity during the week. Usually I’d be outside and realize I was hyper aware of details and the people around me.

Even while feeling terrible, and even once past pomodoros I was able to work. It would call it the feeling of anti-burnout. Of an undercurrent of productivity pushing me towards the best action. I might just be willing to term it ‘health.’

Considering just how utterly fucked up my neck and shoulders have been the past couple of years.. I’d guess my sleep quality probably improved and increased blood flow to the brain?

I don’t feel quite as exhausted at 8pm anymore, and this also implies that I may be able to remove the morning/evening breaks soonish. It really depends on if the trend continues or of it is preceding a crash.

It is difficult to attribute the 40% to the posture rather than the rule, except for the first week I was figuring out how to sit right, and weekends are usually more productive.

This means that the Monday-Wednesday productivity is actually a super big deal. We’ll have to see if the trend keeps up.

I am discounting the rule as the explicit reason for the increase, but I think it played a part. There is probably a major synergistic effect between being suddenly capable of being productive, and enforcing a structure of ‘you must be productive.’

slouching: butt in back, use fist to support and locate correct posture

I am convinced that this dramatically has improved my everything.

4-8pm: productive time. Nothing but pomos. No pomo-breaking actions. Do it right.

Carved out a space to get stuff done after school. Allowed me to say no to chatting, and actually focus on what mattered. I did break with it a few times, but not often.

post-pomo: assign tomorrow’s tasks

Slightly more convenient at the start of the day. Not really a big impact.

flash: Dump & pick tabs, increment pomo, if blue: rule review, press button.

Got it down properly this time.

2 hour break every morning

I’d already been doing basically this, but it was because of the confusion between ‘weekend’ and ‘day that doesn’t immediately have school’ in my mind.

No pomo pondering

I think I am better for it. This also resulted in some time savings, but not near enough to account for the Monday-Wednesday stuff.


Health as anti-burnout. Primarily, quality sleep. I need a way of measuring the quality of my sleep so that I can increase it.

How much would I gain if I started exercising too? That’s been on the list for a while along with a quality diet, but I think I’ll just do the Soylent thing for that.

Additionally I’m thinking that if not slouching has enabled me to be productive during the day, then it is possible that I could remove or reduce my break times and be productive during them as well. I will try that if I keep up this 40% trend for the next two weeks.

I’ll deal with object level information properly once I set up my

Problems & Methods:

I’ll have to see if the trend continues, so this following week I am going to change basically nothing at all.



  • 7 pomos every day
  • >40% rescue time percentage every day

This should happen if the effect is extended rather than just a random fluke. And it doesn’t have to be every day, but most days. Especially mon-weds.


New methods:

  • nothing



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