Bimonthly 10



  • Burnout
    • Nature breaks helps this immensely compared to watching anime.
    • I still seem to get it a bit, but not nearly as bad as it was two weeks ago.
    • Now it is mostly related to the daily rather than weekly stresses
  • Task prediction is abysmal
    • still pretty bad tbh
  • Lack of fiber
    • I only need oatmeal twice a week and all intestinal issues go away
  • 11am lunch, bad.
    • Eating fruit/oatmeal instead seems to have filled the eat-food-when-getting-home issue
  • weekend drowsiness in morning
    • I failed to apply nature breaks in the mornings properly, so this is still unresolved
  • RP madness
    • under control thanks to 5 minute RP timer on pomobox
  • Pomos requiring headphones always on
    • entirely resolved via pomobox
  • Uncomfortable postures
    • unresolved
    • Seems to be due to a lack of exercise- if I stay still my limbs ache. I didn’t notice this because they’re always moving on their own to eliminate the sensation for me
  • Forgetting to set initial break pomo
    • I’m a bit delayed with it sometimes, but I haven’t sat there for hours without it
  • Proper RTTN needs problem recognition
    • I’m noting significantly more issues than before now.
      • Lots of content to work with!

new, failed to engrain:

  • pomo structure: 25 min work, 5 min skype/IRC, 10 min break
    • Works well while I am RPing to keep me on track
    • If I am not then it is just wasted time and I need to reset it back to the 30/10 setup
  • do daily problems/study
    • There always seemed to be something more important that needed to be done, so I’ve been unable to achieve this very effectively
  • notice things that don’t pay rent (anything that takes attention, gives no value.)
    • IRC channels
    • physical items
    • webpages
    • activities
    • behaviors
    • things that hang around unused
    • files
    • text
    • By noticing what takes my attention, I seem to have achieved a great deal of mental clarity. This further improves reflection as I can further identify problems until only a few really important things remain and I can devote the whole of my attention to them.
    • Anything with ‘notice’ is incredibly difficult to apply. There is no action I can take. I cannot look backwards to see what I should have done differently. A much more useful type is to ask myself questions about specific things that hadn’t paid rent daily.

added midweek:

  • assign 1 HW, 1 study, 1 other each day
    • This doesn’t fit neatly into what actually needs to be done
    • I still think it should work, for some strange reason despite it continually not doing so
  • post-school and post-wake breaks are now nature
    • I still ended up checking skype and IRC and all that, but not as much
    • I’m unsure how much it helped on the days I managed it
  • 30 work/10 break, check chat on post-break yellow
    • The problem with this structure is that yellow stretches on to infinity. There is no clear -wrap it up- signal because it is always on for the RP

new engrained:

  • pomo box (arduino with lights and a button- superior to noise?)
    • Pomobox let me remove my headphones during pomos. This dramatically reduces the desire to check up on skype- I don’t hear the message, so I don’t feel the need to go to the play desktop.
    • Keeps me focused on the pomos
    • Nicer to deal with than an audio alarm
    • The button press is satisfying and delivers clear distinctions between states
  • pomo notes again to better predict tasks
    • Gives a nice overview of where my time actually went that week- better than rescue time because much of it is often not at the computer
  • delta pomo prediction metric (completed over/under predictions)
    • Doesn’t seem that useful in its current state
    • Maybe estimating pomos set/done as well will make it valuable
  • proper nature breaks (removes burnout?)
    • heck yeah it removes burnout
      • or at least, makes it less terrible
    • also allows me to drift off and capture random ideas buzzing through my brain and make connections
  • attention cleaning
    • Tablet/phone in bag all the time
    • dishes on other table
    • headphones ontop of computer
    • This makes me feel more productive- definitely cuts down on how much I mess with the things at my desk
  • Attention questions
      • Have I wasted attention on anything recently?
        • What was it?
        • Why did I let it take my attention?
        • What should I have done instead?
        • What can I do right now to prevent it later?
    • These are usually difficult to come up with examples for, but when I do they’re usually big things I had chided myself for earlier, but didn’t write down
      • Skipping it when nothing immediately comes to mind prevents me from wasting attention on wasting attention.


  • Methods method (for each)
    • Do I have this down?
      • if so
        • move to engrained
      • if not
        • how should I have acted when?
        • What action taken now will make me do that?
    • This has helped me review my methods more than the general feeling-based way I’d done it before
  • confirm tasks method
    • skim over materials
    • imagine outcome/steps needed
    • review last time taken
    • estimate time
    • This is what I’ve been doing to ensure I am actually assigning doable tasks.
    • I haven’t applied it the past week though because it has all been do-or-die due to midterms.
  • 2pm lunch always (except on wednesday)
    • When I fail this I always regret it
  • wash dishes while waiting for food to microwave
    • 10 minutes extra free time at the end of the day
      • allows me to get in bed on time more easily
  • weekends – 2 hour break timer upon waking
    • I was taking one of these already, but having it explicitly that much means it doesn’t take up any more
  • eat oatmeal on MWF after school
    • fixed problems
  • eat breakfast immediately on weekends
    • Hard to pull off for some reason.
    • I think I’ll change it to adding an extra 40 minute break where I eat breakfast and do nature, giving myself a whole 4 hours to dick around each week.
  • Keep feet on floor when at computer/ No chair spinning at computer
    • Took me the whole two weeks, but I actually managed to keep them mostly stationary for extended periods.
    • Limbs are restless because of lack of exercise. A minor pain has developed since keeping them stationary.
    • How many months have I gone without noticing or realizing that I’d been moving them about so much
    • This suggests a serious need to do exercise.


~6 pomos is my daily limit for difficult things
The rest of the pomos ought be spent easier


Writing down things that went unexpectedly well is an ideal use of RTTN


Videos on firefox are smoother than chrome

Videos on MPC are smoother than firefox


Seeming mental edge in general thinking and concentration

  • from eating fruit?
  • overeating that particular day?



Pomo notes:

dailies: 10

confirm tasks:1

shower: 8

review methods: 3

inbox: 3


weekly: 4

biweekly :4


pillows: 2

store: 1


cleaning kitchen: 2


Programming ass 3: 13


EF hw3 : 8

EF hw 4:12

EF ch 10 reading:1

EF ch 11 reading:3

EF lab: 8

EF slides: 2


mth reading:2

mth examples: 1


ENGR hw: 19

ENGR ch 4 reading: 6

ENGR ch 4exercises: 5

Engr test study: 6



Spacing out/day dreaming is due to lack of nature breaks


Burnout is caused by trying to do too many high-thought hard things in a day/week


Looking at my pomos over the past few weeks- It seems to have gone from a lot of highs and lows to an average ~10 pomos a day

I only have 6 hard pomos in me each day, and I only do ~10 most days



I seem to focus on the mostly superfluous side of productivity rather than directly attacking the inefficiencies and issues in my work itself. More focused on workflow than work.


There is some mental resource which I use up when I make progress on something I’ve deemed difficult or annoying or work. Even though conceptually these things seem very simple (especially in retrospect), I feel terribly drained after having done them. I think it is because my mind runs up against walls. I get resistance, and so they are difficult to do. I don’t get as much resistance trying to re-do them, so it seems to be some kind of search-space problem, or I have to get in the right frame of mind which is a costly transformation. I don’t seem to build up a resistance to this feeling and its negative effects only compound over time. Eventually I stop doing productive anything and become useless.


If I cut away my information streams how will I be in the loop for happenings? What happenings do I care about? What happenings have occurred that I’ve been unaware of because I don’t have quality information streams? What information streams should I get? What information streams provide useful information for things I want to do?

  • robotics
  • transhumanism
  • self-improvement
  • science
    • spaaaaaace
  • news?
  • Which’ll make me awesome?
  • quality content


Going to distracting sites isn’t the problem. Staying on them for extended periods however, is.

Problems & Methods:


old kept methods:

  • pomo predictions
  • pomo structures 25/5/10 and 30/10
  • pomo box
  • pomonotes
  • setting pomo when I sit at comp
  • washing dishes while microwaving
  • oatmeal M/F
  • attention questions
  • attention cleaning
  • problem noticing


  • Failed to regularly check email/inbox
    • email/inbox as part of daily before pomos
  • Not strictly following work/break structure
    • Weekends: 2 hours free, eat breakfast, then nature break in the mornings
    • 100% Nature during breaks
      • no deviating – if someone messages, change to 25/5/10, and if they stop, return to 30/10
      • No non-nature breaks at all.
    • Refuse to respond to chats/RPs and return to work when pomobox lights
      • This is a promise to myself.
    • virtual desktop #3 for nature
  • Inaccurate task assignment
    • tasks set/done is now used as pomos set/done
      • each pomo is considered as a task
      • I’ll still try for 3 most important tasks, this just allows me to not finish the task, yet have worked on it
        • Tasks hard to break apart
  • Not studying
    • minimum: 3 pomos homework, 3 pomos study
  • Keeping the week of buffer
    • treat things like they’re due 7 days before they are
    • Study the material in front of me, mostly ignoring what I haven’t quite finished from before
  • Unhealthy eating
    • fruit every non-oatmeal day

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