Bimonthly #8



Onetab add-on

  • keeps RAM use down
  • Easier to deal with mass of links
  • if your browser crashes you lose all tabs



  • adding a box for nose and eyes works wonders
  • asking good artists for suggestions
  • showing work to good artists
  • talking about art




  • 100 fic words a day
    • utterly failed to achieve this
    • Day after day I found something more interesting to do than write for five minutes
  • 1 pomo cleanup at 9:00pm
    • Got my room in far better shape than it was
    • didn’t quite get around to using it to clean up all of my links


(posting all of these at once and then writing below them)

Question what a more ideal outcome would be for every action and task.

  • Can I do it more efficiently?
  • Did I make it harder on myself than necessary?
  • Find things that need to be disliked or paid attention to.
  • What about the outcome do I think can be improved?
  • How can I smooth it out?
  • What can I learn from these situations?
  • How could I have set myself up to succeed?
  • Where did it go wrong?
  • Did I set myself up to fail?
  • Why did I do it that way?
  • What is it supposed to look like?
  • Do I need to make a change to my thought process?

Questions before each task

  • What does the ideal looks like?
  • What are the important factors?
  • What happened last time?
    • Think of the sequence of events.
    • Where did it go wrong/right?
  • What needs attention?
  • What changes can I make?
  • generate things to try

Questions after each task

  • What did I learn?
  • How did I depart from the ideal?
  • What should I have done differently?
  • what needs more attention?

re-phrasing Questions

  • Imagine the steps to complete the task. Identify explicit goals.
  • remember/think of ways it can go wrong, and what you’ll have to be wary of.
  • Afterwards generate list of things to try next time

What went horribly wrong?

  • The questions I was asking weren’t really helpful to produce better outcomes, partially because I kept switching them up.
  • there are too many tasks to do these for each
  • difficult to actually answer them
  • Trying to do any of these before every task is very hard and time consuming
  • I was forgetting to do many of my methods, so it is hard to figure out the actual impact of trying to do this
  • It is all a wash and very difficult to figure out what went wrong where.
  • Thinking back, most of my utility seems to come from noticing problems after the fact and exploring each issue one at a time.
  • Here I’m trying a whole bunch of things to answer the question ‘what needs improving?’
    • This adds an unnecessary burden on my day.
    • I think it is far easier to just notice problems and think of ways to resolve them. Keep it simple.
  • This is basically a rehashing of my thinking sessions method, now that I look back at it. My brain thinks that the format is the issue, but I’ve kind of tried it twice now and not gotten results. RTTN worked well because I was identifying problems as they came up rather than trying to bruteforce my way towards identification.
  • The problem is that I have stopped writing things down as they happen.
  • I do however like the idea of figuring out everything I need to do for each task before trying to carry it out.

Methods method

  • look through new for things not yet engrained
  • think about how I’ve been trying to implement them as of yet
  • ask yourself how they could be implemented
  • Make a reminder for how and where to apply them
  • This is kind of what I’ve been doing the whole time, but here it is explicitly.


Go back an hour (darned 8am classes…)

  • 7am wake
  • 1pm lunch
  • 9pm dinner
  • 10:35 bed time
  • rather difficult to actually fall asleep at this time, but it seems to be working without too much trouble.



Between re-getting used to being at my college house and school starting this has been a really weird week. I’m not sure what direction to take.

My current problems

  • too many rules
    • hard to keep track of what I need to actually be doing
      • just follow daily method
    • changing more than one at once leads to many unexpected consequences
      • so change less
    • I am implementing things in a half-assed way during the week in order to excuse my various random urges
      • not sticking very strictly to methods
      • categories get fuzzier
      • I make weird excuses
        • this is where willpower comes in.
        • Be clear about what things are supposed to look like
        • identify when you’re not sticking to methods and write it down
        • instead of making excuses, change the structure so you actually do what needs to be done.
  • studying is hard and takes up a heck of a lot of time
    • Quality time > quantity time.
    • Spread it out over multiple days
    • use nature breaks to retain directed attention
    • three phases (day break between each)
      1. read through, capturing key terms and looking at examples
      2. condense the chapter into notes and do the examples. Create general methods for each type of problem.
      3. do homework problems
  • very difficult to focus and keep track of what I’m actually doing
    • Go down the daily method list. That is all you need to do.
  • getting distracted by imgur and IRC again
    • refuse to go there unless it is break
    • start-work timer. This should cease to be an issue
  • failing to actually get started and be productive until hours have passed
    • absolutely condition the habit of setting the start-work timer
    • trigger: sit down at computer
    • response: set work timer
  • got caught up in doing my inbox tasks
    • assign bullet points and move on
    • group small items for batch doing at the end of the inbox
  • forgetting to write things in RTTN, so I am forced to think back and remember them happening and piece together the logic
    • trigger: Notice something as needing improvement or being a problem
    • response: write it down in RTTN
  • often times my tasks are unclear, so I start into them and expand beyond what I should for their worth
    • clarify desired outcome of tasks when confirming them
  • been getting annoyed pretty consistently without an obvious reason why.
    • probably all of these minor problems adding up


New Methods:


  • Go down daily method list rather than going off of my memory and ideas of what to do next.


  • when a trigger occurs, do the response
  • setting up the following to start with


Notice a problem write it down in RTTN
sit down at computer set 30 min break timer
about to set, start, or confirm a task > 5 min imagine outcome, identify resolving steps
notice fuzzy category note it and unfuzz later
feel “I should do X” do X, or bullet point it
notice being distracted remove distraction
small inbox task batch it

Goal: Write any amount of fic every single day for 90 days. (Even a single sentence counts here)


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