Week 14


  • must stay in room until 30 min break
    • This seems to increase my focus somewhat. It means I have to have everything ready before I’ve gotten started
  • 100 fic words a day
    • Had trouble with this, but I suspect that’s due to my location
  • 1 pomo cleanup at 10:00pm
    • Didn’t actually end up doing this because of location
    • Stopped doing pomos at this time instead
      • Helped to give a little more time for writing/drawing
  • 8 am alarm every day
    • Reduces time to fall asleep significantly
    • Increases tirednessbut
      • trying to go to bed earlier doesn’t fix that
  • nature as breaks
    • Seemed to restore my attention
    • Feel more alert/clearer head
    • Felt like I was taking too many breaks despite reducing the number of longer ones
    • Started getting really bored of looking at nature
    • …but when I forgot to do nature I could feel the difference it made
  • structure: as many pomos as possible until 10pm where I do day to day (1 pomo cleanup, then food and drawing and writing)
    • Gets more out of the way sooner
    • More appropriate number of breaks
  • 2pm lunch
    • Hard to say because of location
    • I eat far less candy now, was my brain trying to compensate?


  • Went back to not-college home
    • Really screwed everything up this week

I seemed to fall into a pattern of letting myself dick around for two hours without an alarm before doing anything else. I think that may have helped to stay focused later because there is no rush to get started. I start when I want to work.

I think I might be at or approaching the limit of easy structural hacks I can do to improve my general productivity.

I’m actually out of things to try that seem promising! Need to go think of more, so this next biweekly will be not very interesting.

I’ve fixed sleep for the most part, so that mostly leaves the other parts of general health: food, fitness. These are serious urg fields for me. Too complicated and annoying to deal with, but I know there are probably some easy changes I can make to get more benefits in those areas.

Productivity is too non-generic to really improve. My ability to guess at what I can accomplish has improved, but I suspect that is in part due to choosing a lighter load. We’ll see if it continues while school is happening.

New Methods:



  • 100 fic words a day
  • 1 pomo cleanup at 10:00pm


  • Go back an hour (darned 8am classes…)
    • 7am wake
    • 1pm lunch
    • 9pm dinner
    • 10:35 bed time
  • Question what a more ideal outcome would be for every action and task.
    • Can I do it more efficiently?
    • Did I make it harder on myself than necessary?
    • Find things that need to be disliked or paid attention to.
    • What about the outcome do I think can be improved?
    • How can I smooth it out?
    • What can I learn from these situations?
    • How could I have set myself up to succeed?
    • Where did it go wrong?
    • Did I set myself up to fail?
    • Why did I do it that way?
    • What is it supposed to look like?
    • Do I need to make a change to my thought process?

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