Current system 12/22/15

I’ve been improving things a lot recently. Here is my system for doing so.

Current System

  • Changing things every two weeks solved most of my sleep problems and let me structure my productive time better
    • Sleep: Wake and bed times, using f.lux, alarm for go-brush-teeth
    • Productivity: doing pomodoros, measuring time spent productively (rescue time), choosing 3 tasks per day, virtual desktops (one for work one for break), setting tasks at night and confirming in the morning, decreasing # pomos between breaks
  • Throughout my day I think of ways I could do things differently. I add these to a list of things-to-try
    • For non-structure changes, or if I want to see the effects immediately I use Real Time Task Notes.
      • (for example, using shredded cheese in a burrito rather than cutting a block of cheese)
      • As I do the change I note differences so I don’t forget anything.
      • After the task I write up the results
    • I save changes to my daily structure for the biweekly method. (below)
  • At the end of the 2 week period
    • Biweekly method kicks in
      • I choose a new set of things to try every 2 weeks
      • At the end of the 2 week period I mark down the effects and keep the changes I like the best
    • I condense both my biweekly notes and real time task notes and post it to a blog.
  • Every morning I review the methods that I’m trying and move them to an ‘engrained’ column once I feel like I have made a habit out of them
  • Daily method
    • I have a list of tasks I do in sequence every day it looks something like:
      • Review methods
      • breakfast + water
      • Confirm tasks
        • Choose the 3 most important/hard
      • Pomodoros until 10pm
        • 6 pomos
        • Lunch
        • 5 pomos
        • 30 min break
        • 4 pomos
        • 30 min break
        • 3 pomos (generally won’t reach this)
      • Dinner
      • Draw
      • Email
      • Inbox
      • Set tasks for tomorrow
  • Forcing myself to choose only three tasks has dramatically improved my ability to identify what I will get done over the course of a day.
  • Reviewing the methods every morning ensures that I actually work towards changing my behavior
  • By putting food outside of the productivity time I don’t need to stop more than needed (for lunch and two set breaks)

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