Week 12



  • Now Do This
    • ineffective, annoying
    • much less annoying to just cross off onenote items
  • 1 hr alarm to work once awake or home
    • I couldn’t manage to get myself to do this one.
  • youtube playlist as breaks
    • bit nicer than reading
    • has a work-feel to it due to reducing watch-later pile
  • flux to further improve sleep
    • Didn’t seem to decrease sleep time
    •  I notice the red
  • #fanfic words rather than binary
    • significantly reduced writing
      • probably a product of finals week
      • maybe because ficwriting is so late in daily?
  • structure: 1 pomo studying, 6 MIT pomos, day-to-day
    • Much better than doing day-to-day first
  • 8 am alarm every day
    • Didn’t seem to be quite enough


midweek engrained:

  • only assign 3 MITs, 0 LITs. If you finish MITs, then simply go to todo and choose the most important one
    • very hard to say for sure if this helped as finals week mucked this up, but seems to improve estimation of task difficulty somewhat.
  • 8:30am alarm every day
    • increased time to fall asleep


  • every 4pomo cleanup & 30 min break
    • forgot about doing the cleanups
    • does seem to reset my attention somewhat
    • 3 pomo seems slightly better-

1.8 work/break ratio with current break structure… not bad

  • Buckling Down
    • too annoying to deal with skype


watching people ride mountain bikes in first person has strange effects https://youtu.be/8FIeRgonxoI?t=20s





I suspect I’ve miscredited akrasia as my problem in certain cases. The problem for me ends up instead being that I fail to select the correct tasks, thereby overextending my willpower. This may technically be akrasia, but the fault does not lie in the weakness of will. Mental batteries need to recharge so this is actually a systematic failure.

It seems to occur at multiple levels:


  • choosing too difficult of tasks
  • unclear starting point, steps, & outcome
  • too many tasks
  • wrong tasks
  • needs support structures to keep on track


  • used to not doing things
  • repeated failure patterns
  • unused to applying self in useful directions
  • no structure to wrap behavior around


  • negative emotions (ugh field & exhaustion)
  • distractions and lack of focus


It is common to think of the problem in terms of execution, but it is clear that if  you fail planning and habits then you’re going to have a hard time


see: Habit Change is Like Chess And… some examples of akrasia resources


New Methods:


Last week I said my focus was to be on doing hard things, but frankly most of the tasks ahead of me are gruntworkish and I’m not really sure how I can focus on something like that. Reducing burnout doesn’t really apply when I’m on break.

Instead this time around I’ll just test the effect of nature of my ability to concentrate, and maximize the number of pomos each day.

Apparently looking at nature is supposed to restore directed attention (even just watching video), so I’ll be doing that as my break instead of youtube watch later. Videos for short breaks, then going outside for the extended ones (until it gets dark at least).

4pm lunch alarm instead – been getting hungry earlier due to waking up earlier every day

write only 100 fanfic words a day. This will encourage clarity and cleverness. Also, actually doing it.

30 min cleanup at end of the day


  • one note daily,  RTTN, pomodoros, virtual desktops, everything in its home, flux, 3 MIT
  • alarms: 1 hr start,  10:30pm dinner/finish, 11:35 bedtime,
  • every 3 pomo, 30 min break cleanup & 30 min break


  • structure: as many pomos as possible until 10pm where I do day to day (1 pomo cleanup, then food and drawing and writing)
  • nature as breaks
  • 8 am alarm every day
  • 4pm lunch
  • must stay in room until 30 min break
  • 100 fic words a day

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