Thinking session: Bike practice

What did you learn?

  • I am so physically unfit as to tire after a mere fifteen minutes of trying to mount a bike.
  • Standing on curb is immensely helpful to find initial balance
  • Lifting rear wheel lets you manually rotate the pedels
  • Once you get seated on the bike it becomes a lot easier (not that I remained on the seat for long)
  • You want the pedal opposite your mounting side to be ready to press down as you get on.
  • Bikes move in arcs. Both forward and backward.
  • I am very good at not falling off. I suspect this is an extension of my inability to trip.

What happened?

  • Went outside to flat area, put on helmet, tried to mount bike for a quarter of an hour. One of my neighbors shouted kindly advice which helped somewhat. My lower back and groin were complaining loudly, so I stopped. Nearly managed to get a full cycle of pedaling in.
  • I had initially been very… unwilling… to want to practice with the neighbor watching from his lawn, but that turned out to be a boon rather than merely awkward.

Did you try a particular method? How did it affect things?

  • Going on own- no idea of how to approach it
  • Having neighbor – marginal improvements.
  • What was done well? How can you replicate your success?
  • Stand on curb – easier mounting
  • Lift rear wheel – able to position pedals
  • Both of those major improvements came from having someone there who already knew what to do.

What was done poorly? Are there solutions?

  • Trying to learn it on my own seemed like a good idea (I don’t like bothering people or… admittedly asking for assistance when I feel I can do it myself. Partially because I want to be able to figure stuff out of my own, but also because they’ve got their own stuff going on, and so making a nuisance of myself feels wrong), but in retrospect it is actually terrible! Other people already know how stuff works. The only benefit to learning something on one’s own is to be able to do when there is no one to ask. In the future I should ask people to teach me things I want to know.
  • My lower back really rather hurts now. I suspect I just don’t have any muscles there. I should try to ride the bike every other day to let them improve. I suspect once I figure out how to ride it right that’ll stop happening.

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