Day Ten


  • Phone alarm is annoying’
    • Find alarm program for computer

Effective things:

Used my hour break to go down to bike

Workshop thing- apparently if I bring my bike down I can indeed have them tell me what parts I need to buy

Additionally remembered I could read/do homework on

The school computers

30 minute alarms seem reasonably effective- this also means I am basically applying pomodoros

Got through more example math problems than before- before that it was reading. Trying to work out the example problems before they give answers works out well.

I think having a structured ‘be productive’ mode is far more important than the specifics of that mode, but I’m getting slightly more done than yesterday despite having less time.

doing a pomodoro of 30:10, setting an alarm for both, turning off all monitors except the ones actively being used.

Music in languages I don’t understand/instrumental is a heck of a lot better than pony music with lyrics for reading. That should have been obvious. Before I was too caught up in want-to-feel-good-pony-is-good idea to properly ask ‘what music would result in effective studying?’

Ineffective things:

Started chatting on IRC- got sucked it.

Set 30 minute timers to deal with the RP problem, but I didn’t set a timer to return to work.

Still had trouble focusing on math

Forgot about Real Time Task Notes during the math task

Failed to do Thinking Session post-math & post econ. It isn’t there in my head to do after finishing, probably because the end of tasks is unclear because the 30 minute alarm keeps going off and breaking focus.

I can’t seem to do more than one school assignment per day. Therefore I will limit myself to one for the time being.

Spent the second half of today in uselessness.


Perhaps problem/solution should be

Done while writing the post instead?

A program that detects audio levels and automatically ensures it is within set limits- prevents massive blasts of sound.

Possibly also something that auto adjusts everything to be the same volume? Seems a heck of a lot harder since it’d have to distinguish between ‘quiet by deisgn’ and ‘audio levels offset’

I should have an in-depth conversation with Act. She seems really awesome. Not sure why I didn’t notice her in #lesswrong before, but she’s suddenly appeared on my radar as interesting. Come to think of it, I should really have in depth conversations with Olivia, Madplatypus, Logos01… lots of people on #lesswrong. 99% of my interactions there are just group chat.

It occurs to me a very tasty way to represent preference curves/lines would be with grapes and popcorn. Give a bunch of children a setup where they can use ten tokens (vary the prices of popcorn/grapes), and then graph them out

Today was very bleh. I’m just going to leave my copied logs here. Will choose tasks to do in the morning- I wonder if that would be more effective than at night?


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