Day Nine


  • Got distracted by changing my system before starting:
    • Shouldn’t do this. Should write it down as an interruption and at the earliest change it at the end of the day.
  • Wiki table data input is hard and annoying:
    • Should get some external thing to link to?
  • Distracted by closing everything
    • Don’t. Move them to second monitor or minimize and refuse to alt-tab.
  • Duplicating solutions
    • Will double-check primarly list after?
  • Distracted by second monitor’s music (some have videos)
    • Turn off second monitor if there is a video and only turn it back on to add to important playlists
      • But by that time I’m too interested in the video to do that.
      • Set it to ‘watch later’
    • Just stop listening to music!
    • But it…? Why do I think I need music in the first place?
  • Distracted by writing about problems/effective things
    • Don’t?
      • But the ideas hang around
  • Throat/stomach pain.
    • Soda does this
    • Ice cream also does this
      • sometimes
    • seemed to happen again after going back on neurontin- didn’t happen at all over summer
    • Sometimes happens spontaneously
  • Decided to toy around with textbook rather than actually read it.
    • write down dumb ideas as interruptions
  • Failed to set a timer on break so I never actually got back to doing work
  • Didn’t finish any tasks so I didn’t do the thinking sessions.
  • didn’t draw or write – didn’t get through MITs

Effective things:

Writing problem/solutions in one note next to tasks as they happen leads to a much faster iterating both of thought process, identification of the real issues rather than some half-brained idea. Forces me to actually ask how to fix it properly.
Having specific places to put interruptions/problems/solutions/effective things- this should be a method.

One screen per important task/window. Full screen always. Close when done.
If I do open skype to say one thing, immediately close it without waiting for a response.
Removing absolutely all inputs and needs other than the task at hand
Trying lots of different things- and actually doing them rather than just proposing them

Math/textbook productivity:
Laptop closed, no music. One note on tablet fullscreened
Math: equations on left, explainations/important facts on right. (1+1 =2 | basis of addition)

Using desktop to type things into one note rather than trying to write them with tablet- much cleaner and efficient

If I want to keep a steady hand on my tablet with its stand up I can rest my wrist on a mouse and slide it around. Weird, but cool – works only marginally better than free floating hand. Lap is still best.

Setting  alarm to go off at 30 minute intervals if there is an interesting IRC discussion I want to read/copy down. Prevents actually engaging with it, but keeps that tendency in check.

Ineffective things:

Failed to go to bed at 9pm because I woke at 9am

Real time task notes interrupts the task (but may improve overall uderstanding, allow for corrections and big picture thinking!)
Distraction via own thoughts- if I let myself, I’ll start drifting off into uncharted waters of my mind.
I got one math section in and started drifting off. I just moved on. (It took a half hour per page… insanely slow. Partially because of note taking, but also by finding the correct setup which frankly I already thought of a dozen times before.)

Didn’t actually properly write up my tasks beforehand. I should have readjusted them first thing, but I didn’t.

CS lab isn’t even online to do yet.


Possibly add Successes/Failures as well? Or is that captured by the effective/ineffective dynamic?
Perhaps pomodors would work well here? Use main monitor for primary task, laptop for breaks?

Should keep this format. Maybe create a copyable page for the start of each day with four columns?
I’m using habit/method value as relative to others, but I shouldn’t? Value should be something clear
Cut and effective.
Alternatively remove value entirely and use Quality of Results as the metric.
Make a method mentioning the four column thing.
I should actually apply habit support structures to my own habits.
Expected value should go down as difficulty goes up. Imagined value or QoR perhaps would be better?
Quality of Results seems prey to exactly the same issues- it would be compared to the best method
And is very wishy washy feely.
Do projects really need value? If they don’t have value they’re not important or worth mentioning. Perhaps remove from userpage?
Bike as a project on onenote
Thoughts as an extension of Inbox?
Blood moon tonight- missed it except for the very very end… I couldn’t find it earlier due to trees. Oh well.
Don’t need review post in daily- already copy-pasted

My thoughts feel a LOT clearer/weird/focused.

My system for habits is only good for things you do once a day. Not particularly effective for anything that can’t be planned, happens multiple times a day, or is inconsistent.

Multiple times a day- whenever you notice you fail your habit, mark it down. Add these up at the end of

the day and input into ask me every? That way you can try to reduce the bad number.
Are there anti-epilepsy programs? Something that’d detect flashing patterns and white them or the screen out or turn off the monitor automatically? It seems like that would save a lot of people’s lives/money on eye bleach

Writing problem/solutions out in real time seems a lot more effective! It allows me to correctly identify my feelings and reasoning for why certain things won’t work- a dialogue of sorts rather than a monolithic solution.

Just like my friend once said: There is no sense in trying to fix problems in broken systems. Find something that works, then keep doing that while making small changes. Do the version that yields the best results. So if your system is breaking down, drop it and make something simpler.

revert to the version that did most of the things you wanted

WordPress post should be a condensing of thoughts and solutions built throughout the day- there is no sense trying to correlate and think at the -end- you want to be correcting and improving all the way through! Otherwise you’ll forget stuff, and you can’t immediately try something better or fix the errors properly. You’ll forget the next time through.
Should add new method: Real Time Task Notes for this system

How not to feel guilty about not being able to fix the world immediately: (rough draft)

  •  You didn’t make the world this way
  • While it is true that there is some possible series of actions you can take to fix the problem, and that you’re not doing that is not the immediate solution to that problem.
  • If you really care about them that much, you should find the
    • optimal emotional state for productivity
    • The maximization of your capability through organization and clear thought
    • And fulfill that maximization.
  • Anything less and you’re just drowning in self pity.
  • Now what you should be feeling guilty about is the fact that you’re not in the above state.
  • But that you can fix.
    • (I said I’d make you not feel guilt about the world, not remove it entirely!)
    • (hint: The solution doesn’t involve excess worry about being productive enough, but rather exactly enough worry, taking breaks, and letting yourself feel good and happy some of the time. Burning yourself out and applying raw wishful guilt won’t solve anything.)

How are you going to do better tomorrow?

Apply the problem-solution/effective-ineffective/interruptions/thoughts (how about we call it: Real Time Task Notes?) framework/method thing

close all non-focus windows

no music

write up days tasks properly

keep skype/IRC closed

tasks for tomorrow:

Just gonna finish up what I didn’t do today


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