Week one


  • Not doing drawing habit
    • Do it in class
  • Not doing 1000 words
    • Do it earlier
    • Do it before MITs
  • Losing Focus from task
    • Do habit:
      • Set alarm
      • Remove distractions
        • Copy-dump browser tabs
        • Restart computer/close absolutely everything/minimize everything and refuse to alt tab
        • Sign off from skype
        • Close laptop
        • Turn off second monitor
      • Write down interruptions to get back to later- don’t stop!
      • If you feel the urge to do something else
        • Deep breath
        • Refocus
        • Get back to work
        • Don’t multi-task.
      • Relax
        • Take explicit breaks
        • Go outside
        • Stretch
        • Do whatever
      • Take a proper break!
        • 10 minutes of web browsing or talking
        • Set a timer so you don’t wander for hours
    • Tiny chunk
      • 5 minutes of work, then break. Slowly increase this to improve extended focus.

  • Bad sleep
    • Roll with it- go biphasic for a while
    • Consistent bed/wake times (multiples of three)
    • Get 8 hours consistently
  • Too many tasks undone
    • Spend an hour on each (use a timer), run through dailies and nightly, then spend another hour on each
    • Take on less difficulty/day
  • Link sorting: Reading
    • Give yourself 10 seconds to categorize and estimate the utility. You’ll grab more links later, so don’t worry about that
  • Exhaustion
    • Change tasks to something simpler
      • Batch store these while not-exhausted
    • Don’t try to do workpress- just fill in metrics
    • sleep

Either keep the habit, or revert to best

I still need to continue test driving this habit to make sure it actually functions, but it seems reliable at pointing out generic recurring flaws!


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