Day Six

Summarize your day in a paragraph

Woke up, went to class- wasn’t actually meeting because it was a recitation. Got flu shot/otherly doctored. Did some shopping. Did far too much skype rping, only got through a single flask tutorial. Show clips: leaving. About a fourth of the second link dump.

Tasks unfinished:

flask tutorial 8-12

What happened today that worked really well?

I went in to setup an appointment, but there was were actually available right then and there. Not only that, but I got the flu shot out of the way. Super effective, but probably non-repeatable. Discovered I could substitute a meal for cheaper junkfood. Considering most of what I eat is burritos… not a good long term plan, but if I’m ever hungry… Drawing while I waited for class to start helped a lot. I wouldn’t have such success with writing though (especially since I like the sound of my mechanical keyboard).

What went poorly?

Flask god damn tutorial again. I just… can’t figure out how to pay attention to it for more than 10 minutes at a time. My brain just kind of slips. Really, really annoying. Skype distraction partially responsible again. Not applying Do habit at all. Didn’t do tablet method properly either due to not finishing Most Important Tasks. Didn’t do my 1000 words. Didn’t adhere to the 2am deadline for wordpress. Spent toolong reading the link dump articles rather than just sorting them.

How could you have done better today?

Assigned only one flask tutorial, thereby easing burden. Disable skype whenever doing flask. It just… is a death sign for it I think. Restart computer before doing flask to remove excess windows, and then open a browser with only the relevant tabs. Need to develop some way of keeping myself on track and shunting everything else to the side. Could set some alarm on my phone for 2am. Could focus on improving one of these things at once rather than all of them at the same time. I see myself typing up basically the same issues each day, so if I focus on just one of them a day, then maybe I can ingrain the habits and solutions for each over time?

Review your tasks (via todo list or however else you keep track of what needs doing! This system doesn’t dictate that.)

Review your goals and goal projects for the next steps (On your user page!)

State what tasks, projects, or exercises you intend to complete tomorrow. (Improve a skill perhaps?)

  • Flask tutorial 8
  • Showclips: Fence jump
  • linkdump
  • re-write this method using the insights gained

Habit:Daily Method

It seems like a weekly review of problems/solutions combinations, and then which of those will be focused down could be valuable. I’ll keep noting the problems as they recur though, so that I can roughly gauge which are worst. Perhaps these should become ask me every questions? Almost like an anti-habit to be fought against. Do a 10 second gauge of value of a link, then sort it. Also, I should add a check to review yesterday’s do-better-tomorrow to be sure if I’m actually following through with that or not.

How are you going to do better tomorrow?

Do: When starting each task, close absolutely everything other than the thing to be done. Set an hour timer. When finished, start on the next task then repeat. Will write this up at 2am instead of just before going to bed. Will do a 10 second gauge of value of a link, then sort it.


I seem to have narrowed down the pretty basic failures of my day that I keep running into. Seems like my doing-better-tomorrow and today are far too generic. Specific, targeted actions and behaviors to be changed should be noted, and then I should copy-paste that into my one-note so I’ll actually see them and remember them. If I mark down things I do poorly throughout the day, then note them here, and then go off of each poor item and make suggested solutions or improvements. Things I’ll do better tomorrow are the specific solutions I am going to try. The things that went really well should perhaps become generalized solutions to problems. I should note those down somewhere as an effective method.

So I’ll notice something that went poorly, come up with a handful of solutions, try each, write down the effects, and then look at the results to see which fared best. This seems like a really good strategy for growth, and feels like a solid second-order optimization of this method. I’d call it version 1.5.


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