Day Five

Summarize your day in a paragraph

Backed up my old skype logs, set my phone alarms to school wake times, ordered bike lock and helmet, added sleep metrics to ask me every. Did show clips:cabin, and moved only about a third of my total linkdumps into rough piles. Ordered a second pony plush… I needed a tiny Celestia to match my tiny Luna.

Tasks unfinished:

Utterly failed to keep my attention on the flask tutorial for the third day in a row, gave up on trying to test the IR wiki with one or two people- I’m just going to throw the people in the chatroom at it and see what happens.

What happened today that worked really well?

sorting links by category and rough expected utility. Setting a timer for show clips worked since it forced me to go down the list, correct the problem with the animation and move on to the next one knowing I’d only have an hour for all of it.

What went poorly?

Trying to pay attention to Flask tutorial- for some reason it just… keeps slipping away. Very hard to avoid distractions, and I’m not sure why. I start, manage about ten minutes and then utterly lose focus for an hour or more. My initial link sorting method was trying to eliminate worthless links by clicking them and going through the links for more… this leads to infinite links, of course. I’m not sure why I was doing that since I knew about the superior method from before. I completely failed to draw or write 1000 words for the third day in a row, but given my terrible awful sleep problem two days ago that isn’t totally unreasonable. I still seem to be stuck doing that RP with a friend, and I suspect that’ll continue for a while. Now that I think about it, that had been distracting me quite a bit… but I enjoy doing it, so it is kind of… conflicting. I don’t want to strictly be offline at all times, but perhaps a bit of off-lineness wouldn’t hurt. Maybe RP during link-sorting stuff. Or if I start RPing, switch to link sorting rather than trying to keep on the task that needs heavy focus.

How could you have done better today?

Could have actually followed my Do habit and removed distractions, or focused on Flask before anything else. Link sorting especially seems to be ideal for low-brain thinking. Perhaps I should only do that when I can’t do anything else? Resource extraction and rough summary is probably a good use of that time too, although I’ll want to go through it again with a slightly more… intellectually astute comb later to be sure it actually makes sense. I get the sense that the limited-time-approach only works if I am actively truncating my decisions to fit within the time given. Otherwise it is just ineffective. Could have closed skype… which is one of the first things on my one-note daily method, actually. So is tab closing- which wasn’t an issue today for whatever reason.

Review your tasks (via todo list or however else you keep track of what needs doing! This system doesn’t dictate that.)

Review your goals and goal projects for the next steps (On your user page!)

State what tasks, projects, or exercises you intend to complete tomorrow. (Improve a skill perhaps?)

  • Flask tutorial parts 7-12
  • Link sorting
  • shop clips leaving

Habit: Daily Method

note your impressions including changes that may make it more effective. What’s hurting efficiency? Where could it be bolstered?

This seems pretty stable now. After a few initial modifications as far as I can tell it is effective as structured feedback of my day.

I don’t seem to have used the skill method at all yet. I think that’s because I’m saving it for when I start actually using my bike- for new skills, rather than trying to adopt my current structure for projects in motion at present.

How are you going to do better tomorrow?

I’ll return to using my one-note as a base of operations, and use the most-important-tasks idea. Choosing only three rather than a whole bunch should allow me to focus the flask tutorial down at last. I’ll follow the Zen Things Done Do habit: Remove distractions initially, and if I feel the urge to stop I should take a deep breath and refocus. I’ll extract from the rest of Link Dump things and put them in the partially-sorted-pile. Because I’ll be using my one-note methods I should remember to do my draw and 1000 words habits properly.


Well, the 11pm time slot for wordpress didn’t really work out- I’ve switched to a polyphasic schedule of a 6-5 hour core, with two 2 hour naps. It solved the issue of going to bed at 3am by not solving it at all, but it did eliminate the annoyance of not being able to fall asleep. I’ll be curious to see if total sleep time drops as I recover from the sleep debt from two days ago. 2am time slot seems like the way to go.


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