Day Two

Summary of day:

  • I did about an hour of link browsing before getting started, but that wasn’t too bad. Should have link dumped like I said I was going to do yesterday.
  • Did weekly review while being slightly distracted by an RP on skype- That ate up three or so hours I should get back in the habit of disabling that
  • Moved my goals and habits to my userpage, but didn’t move my projects yet. Made a note to do that
  • Explored and sorted QS articles into rough categories of expected utility
  • Moved my Getting Things Done notes from my One Note pages into text form! They still need some work to be useful to anyone who hasn’t read the book though.
  • Searched craigslist and found far too many bikes within my price range. Kinda spooky, really. Does make me question how many aren’t in particularly good quality.
  • Only got two parts into the five I needed to finish my flask task, so that means I only did 5 of 6 tasks today. Still pretty good!
  • Took a nap, so I’ll see how long I sleep considering I am well rested. Perhaps I should add that to my metrics?

Tasks completed/unfinished:

All completed except for flask tutorials. I additionally figured out my class schedule because college is starting on Thursday.

How could you have done better today?

Ignored skype, focused down flask tutorials. At the end of the day it is exceedingly difficult to keep focus and not get distracted by IRC. This could be solved simply by closing my laptop since it contains all of the social functionality.

What happened today that worked really well?

Skimming QS articles and putting them in rough categories rather than clicking all of the links- this prevented endless overflow of things to click! Moving GTD into text form- I had expected it to take a lot longer, but I was able to just power through it.

Review your tasks (via todo list or however else you keep track of what needs doing! This system doesn’t dictate that.)

Review your goals and goal projects for the next steps (On your user page!)

State what tasks, projects, or exercises you intend to complete tomorrow. (Improve a skill perhaps?)

  • See a man about a bike (need to withdraw money first! Can just get cash back from winco… much easier than going to an ATM!)
  • clean up tablet and properly start applying it in addition to this system (didn’t do that so well last time)
  • prepare for school (apply old pre-term method for each class & bring back old weekly supply check, put pillow in bag…)
  • resolve the books situation on wiki properly
  • rationality & science sequence posts
  • flask tutorial part 12
  • get someone random to look at IR wiki and see if it is user-ready
  • Show Clips One: Cabin Window
  • Apply the improvements from this post to the method
  • Add projects to userpage

Weekly review

How are you going to do better tomorrow?

Turn off skype, clean tabs with method. Close laptop when I need to focus. Do writing > 1000 words habit in the middle of day rather than at the end.


note your impressions including changes that may make it more effective. What’s hurting efficiency? Where could it be bolstered?

Changes to the questions could use changing here: There should be a “thoughts” section for mindless rambling, and “How could you have done better today?” should be moved closer to this one, and there should be a section for “What went poorly today?” Make sure to update the copy-paste. It seems really hard to write and sustain focus at the end of the day, but drawing is easy. I should definitely do my writing habit earlier in the day, although I can’t see a good workaround for this blog post- perhaps finish early and spend the rest of the night relaxing? Sounds dreamy. The ‘Do’ habit is where I could make the most progress: I really need to focus on one thing at a time, write down distractions and stop making new ones for myself. Also, it seems like this should come /before/ the ‘how are you going to do better tomorrow’… The copy/paste should also remind the person to check their metrics.

Side note: I’m awake an hour and a half later than yesterday, but my body tends to be very good at getting the sleep it needs. Therefore I expect to wake up at 10:30 just like yesterday, but only getting 7 hours core sleep instead. I was overall less tired up until midnight compared to monophasic where I started getting tired at 8pm (napped at 6)


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