Day One

Summary of day:

  • The first few hours of the day were spent browsing random pages I had up the night before. I’ll fix that problem tomorrow by applying my copy-dump tab method from my old system. For the wiki we were supposed to spend an hour on prettification (cleaning up pages), and an hour on collecting data and actually going through the system. What actually ended up happening was I spent two hours of prettification, and then about four hours on going through the Getting Started, and then another two on Bike related skill. I’m not entirely sure where the last four hours went, but I did my daily drawing, and 1000 words of writing. There was a fair bit of IRC talking too. I made a resource template and feel very solidly that this system can function now. Looking at any given skills/method page fills me with glee.

Tasks completed/unfinished:

  • I completed all three tasks today: Tab cleaning, Habit Support Structure, and going through Getting Things Done. This suggests to me that either Parkinson’s law is in effect or my actual assumptions about what I can get done match reality much closer than the arbitrary times I set do.

How could you have done better today?

  • Less IRC, copy-dumped tabs at start of day, been stricter about actually completing tasks in the time granted

What happened today that worked really well?

  • Giving a timeframe did seem to work really well at first, but as I granted more and more time to it, the efficiency noticibly dropped. Therefore strict timeframes seem to focus my efforts a lot.

Review your tasks (via todo list or however else you keep track of what needs doing! This system doesn’t dictate that.)

Review your goals and goal projects for the next steps (On your user page!)

State what tasks, projects, or exercises you intend to complete tomorrow. (Improve a skill perhaps?)

  • Weekly review
  • add rest of goals & habits to userpage
  • QS articles
  • GTD to text form
  • Flask tutorial to part 10
  • search craigslist for rough bike prices

How are you going to do better tomorrow?

  • By applying my old system on top of this one, and only giving the wiki an hour. Any tasks I don’t complete will just remain half-done until tomorrow.  That’s why I only added the QS articles bit wiki-wise (not counting the GTD to text form there even though I’ll be converting it to a resource.) I’ll clean out my tabs properly without delving deeply into them and getting distracted. I’m not liking pure monophasic sleep, so perhaps I’ll take at least one nap regularly again. I miss the ability to arbitrarily fuck with my wake times.


Daily Method

note your impressions including changes that may make it more effective, and things that impair the effectiveness of the habit.

  • First major optimization would be having a template to copy-paste, thereby removing formatting annoyances.
  • Second, that question is redundant. Should it be something ‘identify negative and positive factors on efficiency’

mark them as done or undone on your questions if you didn’t do that while typing up your metrics

  • Elsewhere I tell them to put goals on ask me every… right? yes.
  • Gonna update the method to fix those things right now…
  • also made a copy-pastable!
  • edit: I don’t like how I can’t indent… It looks indented with the bullet points on my screen, but whatever. Used align center instead.

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