Instrumental Wiki

Myself and one co-conspirator from #lesswrong are making a resource for instrumental rationalists. is the link. Should be pretty chill.

He had been wondering why there were no good instrumental resources for rationalists- lesswrong is mostly epistemological with a few minor factions which are doing instrumental things. I think Yudkowsky’s generalized solution to this has been for rationalists to carry on with their live mostly as usual, but to give their excess utility (money) to the largest anti x-risk fighters (MIRI and CFAR), but thinking much smarter thoughts due to The Sequences. Along the way raising the sanity water line and providing as much support as possible to these things. Also probably to inspire those who could do more to focus their efforts in a truly productive and effective direction.

That’s where we come in. How to we maximize our excess utility? The obvious answer for me is by improving my capacity to think and instilling behaviors which increase the results I care about. That’s very generic of course, but I’m trying to be abstract here. I want to increase my ability to gain an arbitrary utility, and that means looking at how I act and think, changing them, and seeing how my results vary. Keeping the good changes and continuously experimenting to improve further while all the while actually getting stuff done. Getting trapped in a cycle of improvement for the sake of improvement is a failure mode I intend on avoiding.

Lets get some stuff done, yah?


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