Day Zero

Okay, so I ignored the system entirely today, but that’s because tomorrow I’m actually going to start doing it properly. Setting it up and trying to go through it at the same time doesn’t really work. The plan is to spend only an hour on 1: applying the system and 2: cleaning it up. We may use pomodoros or not- I haven’t had much luck with them in the past. here is my conspirator’s wordpress:

Tasks for tomorrow:

I think I’m going to purchase, and then learn how to ride a bike. I hate waiting for the bus and it should be good exercise. Heres hoping I won’t die in some horrible crash or whatever. I’ll have to be sure I don’t use this as a mindless rambling place- I want my words to be useful and time well spent.

problems I’ve noticed: If I don’t stop myself then I’ll just start browsing the various tabs I had open the night prior. Usually I just copy-paste dump them and forget them, but a lot of these are actually useful for the wiki. Scrolling through them is an infinite task though- I open more as I go through them. The best I seem to do is sort without actually reading them, deleting anything less-than-relevant…


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